White Paper - Asset Optimisation

The need for cost-reduction strategies has been a topic of deep interest and will continue to be one. Nevertheless, the bigger question is: how can we find the sweet spot between profitability and reliability?

White Paper - Storing The Power Of Sun

2018 witnessed unprecedented records for the economics of solar+storage,  demonstrating a variety of value streams and thus making the tale of this marriage all the more compelling.

Top 35 Solar Projects in Australia

Top 35 Solar Projects in Australia

In order to better decipher Australia’s solar PV landscape, we have compiled and analysed the ‘Top 35 Solar projects in Australia’, including some of the paramount battery storage projects.

White Paper - Soiling

Many elements determine the optimum output in a PV module, one of which is the concept of soiling. This complimentary white paper provides an overview of the current knowledge and practices around soiling. 

Key Industry Perspectives

Key Industry Perspectives

To help you gain insights into the Solar Asset Management Conferences, we have published this brief recap, highlighting some of the key fundamental topics discussed during the 6th annual edition of Solar Asset Management Europe. 

White Paper - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become topics of deep interest in the solar space and have great impact on the way we are building the blueprint for the new asset management and O&M landscape.